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ART GALLERY – March 2017

Welcome to my Art Gallery!

In this presentation I would like to show the selected picture first and hope you could guess where the scene came from.  Of course, you would have to know Gov Island well and Indian Lake, Ohio.  But try it anyway.  Otherwise you will have to enjoy the picture first and then read presentation.

First selection:

If you have ever eaten at Indian Lake eventually you would encounter this Red Chair.  It is black ink drawing and colored with pastel pencils.  Every ones loves to eat at “Indian Head” road side cafe, and you will encounter this chair at the entrance of the establishment.  They have a great menu, but the different beers are what really attract everyone.  Rather than fill in the background, I decided to pain the shadow with purple.  After all, the emphasis is on the red chair.

Second Selection:

The Wooden Bench, is black ink and colored with watercolors.  This bench is called the Deinhoffer bench, named after the late brother who used to reside at Governor’s Island.  Usually it sits in front of the Guest House on the lawn facing the Wind Turbines.  Despite its solid structure, the wind here has been strong enough to blow it over twice!

Third Selection:

The Yellow Bench near the Kiosk, is a favorite for those who like to fish off the very front of the property.  The brothers were known to have peer on tap in the kiosk, otherwise how could they continually have their glasses refreshed without ever going inside the main house?  This bench is my early attempt at oil painting.  With the new water-soluble oils that have come out, I couldn’t resist trying them.  I like them!  The canvas is framed with driftwood that regularly washes up onto our shores.  Great wood for framing!

Fourth Selection:

The Yellow Gas Lantern, actually it is an electric lantern with gas outlets for hooking up our gas grills!  Not only to the brothers not have to go to the house for a refill, but the grill has a gas hookup that attaches to either side of this lantern!  Another black ink drawing and watercolor.  If you are very astute, you can just make out my face in the reflection off the glass picture.

Final Selection:

The areas famous Beckham Bridge looking up the hill where the road leads back to Bud’s Marine.  This piece is another black ink drawing colored with pastel pencils.  It is healthy bike ride from Gov Island, about 7 miles.  I have drawn this picture several times, and this actual drawing I found recently in my sketch book and decided to color it in.

I hope you have enjoyed my pictures.  Please come again next month.

Thank You for your time and visit!




ART GALLERY – February 2017

Welcome to my Art Gallery 2017!

In this edition I would like to present some of my most recent art since my travels in Italy and France this last October to December.

+The following drawing was first done in ink and then painted in watercolor from a photo I shot while walking through Assisi, Italy.  The final painting is originally 16×20 but matted down to a smaller size and framed in this black wood.  Many of the shops and restaurants throughout Assisi, and other small cities in Italy, are tucked into nooks and crannies like this one.


+The next drawing was from photo I took in Taize, France, place of the famous youth gathering by the Taize Monks.  You may be familiar with their music?  This very small village, that I painted above, is just outside their compound, which we walked to get to the village church where the body of Bro. Roger was buried.  (He met his end at the hands of a deranged woman who knifed him to death during a prayer service.)  We walked down this road and turned left up ahead were it lead straight to the church cemetery.  The drawing was done in ink first and colored in with watercolor.


+This third selection was drawn from a photo that I took in Lyon, France, at the main cathedral up on the hill, Our Lady of Notre Dame.  The cathedral itself is magnificent, but this simple door on the side is what caught my attention.  The drawing was done in ink first and then painted in watercolor using Indigo Blue and some grey.  The photo was enhanced around the edges.


+The fourth drawing is called “Boats in a Row”!  (Sort of a play on words!)  It is from a picture in a calendar by a friend of mine, a lake scene that would go over well here at Gov Island on Indian Lake, Ohio.  The picture was drawn first in ink and then the boats were colored with pastel pencils.

Boats in a Row


+The last picture was drawn from a photo I took while visiting in West Liberty, Ohio, at the “Depot” coffee shop, (a very nice place to visit if you are in the area).  It was drawn in ink and then colored using pastel pencils.  I have always loved trains, especially the last one, since my relatives were railroaders.



Thanks you for visiting my selection!