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MUSIC ROOM – January 2018


…to my MUSIC ROOM. 

Featured here are my latest music compositions for the period posted.

I enjoy writing for various musical instruments and the different combinations like string ensembles and with a variety of themes from inspirational to classical.   Lately I have been composing for piano, cello, and tenor recorder, simply because those are the instruments played in our Music Composers Group (MCG), consisting of a Concert Pianist, a Cellist, and a Tenor/Soprano Recorder.

The present selection are all voice and piano compositions with assorted instruments filling in for the voice part.

Here are my latest selections of music, Enjoy!

For music go to: www.shortandlongstories.net


The fist selection is called: Peace At The Last.  The words to this song were found in “The Marianist Family Prayer Book” edited by Bro. Donald Boccardi, SM in 2001, at the back of the book in Section “VI Various Prayers”.  The prayer was written by John Henry Newman called “Peace at Last”.  I felt that the oboe for the voice part would be appropriate.  The song repeats.

Here are the words:

May he support us all the day long, Till the shades lengthen and the evening comes and the busy world is hushed and the fever of life is over and our work is done – Then in his mercy – May he give us a safe lodging and a holy rest and peace at the last.


The second selection is called: Morning Prayer from Africa.  The words to this song is also found in the above mentioned prayer book, same section, but the author is unknown as far as I could ascertain.  The music is a little jazzy to fit the interpretation, that is why I have chosen the oboe to play the voice part.

O God, you have let me pass the night in peace, Let me pass the day in peace wherever I may go upon my way which you made peaceable for me.  O God, lead my steps.  When I have spoken, keep lies away from me.  When I am hungry, keep me from murmuring.  When I am satisfied, keep me from pride.  Calling upon you, I pass the day, O Lord, who has no Lord.


The third selection is one of my own lyrics, called: In The Silence Of The Night, reflecting on my own prayer experiences.  I will wait until I have the singer before I post the words.  The melody is in three parts.  The melody to the  first part repeats.  The melody to the second part descends in staircase fashion but follows a 5-3-4-2-3-1 pattern.  The melody in the third part, which repeats, mimics the second part by descending, but follows a 5-7-3-5-1-3 pattern.  The first melody ends the piece with repeat.  The cello plays the voice part.


The last selection is called: Brown Spring.  The lyrics were written by my friend Johanna Humphrey in 1960 in a separate selection of hers.  I promised to write a song using her poems, and this piece keeps that promise.  The oboe plays the voice part in this piece.

I saw a topaz flo’r this morn, when airy puffs rough jostled at its stem.  I hear the minstrels of God’s sky this day,  A Paean, a full throat-ed hymn!  I felt a starkness unfoiled trees at noon, their wind beat coats were being sun-washed down, a single green of grass in solitude made contrast with the earth still brown.

I tasted nectar sweetened breaths of dew, which ran diffusely into hidden rills, I sensed that earthly smell of growing newness, that soon will penetrate the ancient hills.  I knew cruel Frost would abdicate her throne; her chilly fingers gathered up her gown; beneath the shroud which velvet evening brings, she left behind the earth still brown.


I hope you have enjoyed my music.  Please visit this site again where I try to post new music every month or so.

Thank You!

MUSIC ROOM – August 2016


If you are new to my Music Room, featured here are my latest compositions from the time period mentioned above in the title to the last post.  Even though I write for other instruments, I also enjoy writing my own lyrics, which can then be set to a melody of my own! Unfortunately, I am still looking for a good singer for my lyrics, until then you can still enjoy the “Doo-Doo Lady” substitute!

piano(Remember, these songs are copyrighted (c) Michael F. Nartker, SM 2016.)

My first selection is called “Pondering“.  This is an instrumental piece that includes Flute, Oboe, Tuba and Piano.  I find myself more and more drawn to writing instrumental pieces, hopefully working to a full orchestra.  The interchange between the instruments is fascinating, even though it takes a lot of concentration.  My usual way of developing the piece is to produce the melody line with the solo instrument in mind, then add the other instruments that I feel would support the melody line.  In the case of this particular piece, the Oboe starts out with the solo line with the other instruments supporting, until the flutes take over with just the piano accompanying repeating the melody until the piece ends with the Oboe playing its last part of the melody as the Coda.


The second selection is called “Taking It Easy“, also written for Piano, Flute, and Double Bass.  As the name implies, the melody lazily takes you to the end with the flutes.  The first section begins with just one flute, but at the middle section two flutes dance with the melody accompanied by the piano.  The Coda is a recapitulation of the last part of the melody line from the first section.


The third choice is an orchestration of the piano piece written earlier in the year called “Meandering“.  The brass section begins with the melody and then the violins take over and repeat.  The brass comes back in for a smaller section and the the strings take over and ends with a little longer section.  I think this song lends itself well to the brass section since the strings seemed less interesting.


The last selection is called “Keep In Step“.  I am sure you will not help but want to get in step with this lively piece.  I have added percussion to this composition, which is a first for me.  It really cried out for timpani, but I think I will wait for the next piece…maybe.  Notice the brass play a major role in the melody line with piano and other instruments supporting.


I hope you have enjoyed this selection and look forward for my next compositions.  I have been a little busy this summer, but I have continued to compose!  I am in the process of photocopying my sheet music for electronic archives and accessibility for a certain party.  This blog site has posted most of my compositions.

I post my recent compositions can also be found on SoundCloud under the name: Michael F. Nartker, SM.  Please visit my site.

Thanks You!