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ART GALLERY – January 2018

Welcome to my Art Gallery!

In this presentation are my latest paintings and drawings.

These series contain a variety of subjects and media and technique.  I hope you enjoy them!

The first selection called Fawn is drawn first with ink and then the main subject is colored with pastel pencil.  This style seems to be very popular lately, where I believe because the main subject starkly stands out from the background.  The most important part of any animal are the eyes.  Get them wrong and the whole portrait is lacking.

I was very tempted to draw in the grass, since the color is a beautiful shade of green in early spring.

The initial size is 12 x 18 in.  Normally I like to use 10 x 14 in. since it is easier to frame.



The second selection called Musick Chapel Statue (Memorial) is located on Seminole Island on Indian Lake, Ohio.  Yes, his name is Mr. Musick who had this chapel build as a memorial for his daughter.  I have never seen it used since living here at the Lake for over three years now.  This is the picture of the statue in front of the building, which is rather large and can be used as a music hall for recitals.  I am hoping to use the building myself in the future just for that purpose.

The drawing was first done in ink and then colored using watercolor.  I like watercolor for the delicate play of the shadows in the windows and the leaves of the tree in front of the statue.  The picture was drawn on 12 x 18 inch paper.

Musick Chapel Statue


One can take a bike ride around the lake, but most of the roads go through farm country, like this old barn that I sited driving back from the gas station.  In this third selection, called Indian Lake Barn,  I painted in watercolor on 10 x 14 in. paper, and made great use of layering or washing the painting to get a darker color.  Layering or washing a painting gives the artist greater control of the subject.  The sky with clouds is done by laying the blue sky color first and then dropping plain water in a pattern.  The blue color retreats away from where the droplets are placed leaving the white of the paper behind.

Indian Lake Barn

In the fourth selection, Green Heron, was done in watercolor on 10 x 14 in. paper.  Most of the watercolor paper that I use is “Arches Watercolor Block”, since warping or wrinkling is kept to a minimum when using a block of paper.

In painting the feathers, I waited until the blue and the brown color was dry and painted in the pattern using opaque white.

Green Heron


The last selection that I want to end with is painted in watercolor, The Purple Fringed White Iris.  I painted this on an Artists’ Retreat in the foothills of Zanesville, Ohio.  The purple frill around the Iris was created by wetting the individual petals of the flower first and then dropping in the color, which is called “Wet on Wet” technique.

White with Purple Trim Iris


Thank You for visiting my Web-Site.  Hope you enjoyed my paintings as much as I have drawing them!