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If your interest is music, I hope you will enjoy my current selections of original compositions.  I have a wide range of musical interests from classical to religious.  Most of my compositions are for either voice and piano or for other instruments, like piano, cello, violin, oboe, etc.  There are compositions for just piano or string ensemble too.

Until I can record a good voice, most of the current pieces with a voice part are substituted by a choral “sound” (analog) substitute, or with other instruments like violin.  As for the instrumental pieces, I like experimenting with different sounds and instruments with my CASIO keyboard, which has hundreds of sounds!

Take a look, or should I say a listen, and see what you might like!  Please find the different postings in the left hand column under the title MUSIC ROOM  by month and year under ARCHIVES and  in the right hand column under INDEX.

Here is a recent sample: Dance of the Winds (added late May 2016 for Oboes and Bassoons).

(These musical compositions are copyrighted.)

Remember, using a good headset will improve your listening pleasure, since they are recorded on MP3 high quality digital files.  (They will certainly sound better than your little computer speakers!)

I have started a new blog for my music called: Blue Moon Music at  Please visit my site, since I will discontinue posting my music on this blog.

!For more listening pleasure, please visit my music, Michael F. Nartker, SM at SoundCloud!


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