!WELCOME! (How to use my Blog!)

Japanese Pagoda


If you are like me, it may take you a while to figure out how to use something new.  So let me help you speed up your learning process.

Along the top right of My Blog Page (this opening page) are several short titles explaining what to expect inside.  They are short write-ups on the following: WELCOME! (HOW TO USE MY BLOG), READING CHAIR (my stories that come in many styles and genres), ART GALLERY (my recent drawings and paintings), and MUSIC ROOM (my recent compositions). They are descriptive only and will not open to any files.  You will need to go to the menu’s on the right or left  hand side of this page.

On the right hand side of My Blog, is the INDEX.  This is a complete list of files of all the stories (READING CHAIR), songs (MUSIC ROOM), and drawings (ART GALLERY), in a more convenient listing!

On the left hand side of My Blog, you will find the following: Short And Long Stories (the title in dark green), CURRENT TITLES, ARCHIVES, SEARCH, and READERS’ COMMENTS.

Short And Long Stories lets you know what is inside this blog; naturally, “short and long stores”, “art” and “music”.

CURRENT TITLES posts the most recent seven titles that I have written, drawn, and/or composed.  Usually I try to enter at least one per week/month.  You can find the story you were recently reading by going to the INDEX which lists the different titles under the three categories.

Rainbow Bird
Rainbow Bird

ARCHIVES also lists the titles that I have written so far, but by month and year.

SEARCH lets you find a particular story if you know the title.  (Even if you know part of the title, just type it in and it will come up with several suggestions that begin with the words you have entered.)

rattle box
Rattle Box

I hope this helps you to better navigate my blog site.  Enjoy!

PS: Don’t forget to visit my Art Gallery and Music Room !

2 thoughts on “!WELCOME! (How to use my Blog!)”

  1. I enjoy viewing your art online and in person. I think my current favorites are the River Walk (umbrellas), Purple Iris (unframed as of yet), the Penguins, and the small hawk. I wish you could do a multi-series showing of all your paintings before you sell too many of them. It would be so much fun to see all those that form a series displayed together, and also to see the range and development of your work. (I would comment on specific blog posts but I couldn’t find the comments box except on this page.) Thank you for sharing your beautiful art!

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    1. Thank you for your comments! Yes, this is the reply page. It allows us both more control over who and what is written. If you look at the upper right hand side of the opening page, there is an INDEX of past Art Gallery posts from over the last year or more. I enjoy drawing and composing and writing, since I have the time now, especially music! My favorite medium is watercolor, since there is so much to do with it and explore. Acrylic is my next favorite since it is faster drying and somewhat more versatile. Oil is a favorite, easy to use and much more forgiving if one makes a mistake. With the new water-soluble oils, it is easier to clean up. NO more turpentine! I will consider you suggestion of presenting similar forms or themes together. Since my development would be over a year, you can see for yourself by viewing the past posting of my art. Again, thanks for your comments. I also love your spirituality of a loving and vulnerable God!

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