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If you are an art lover, especially if painting and drawing are your hobby, you will enjoy these postings of my recent drawings in watercolor, ink, pastels and oils.  Most of the subjects are from around the area I live; Indian Lake, Ohio.

DSC00003I am fortunate to have the time to draw in my favorite media and to attend the local art class to help improve my talent, especially in oils.  I am also fortunate to be able to have my works displayed at “Mount St. John’s Art Gallery” in Dayton, Ohio, located at County Line Road and Research Blvd (former Patterson Blvd).  The gallery is open only on Sundays, noon to 4 pm, admission free.  There is a showing of the different member artists.

Outside Cafe
Outside Cafe

Please feel free to visit my works at the gallery for further visual delights!  All of my postings are listed in the left hand column under the same title according to month and year in ARCHIVES and in the right hand column in INDEX under the title ART GALLERY.

[If you have enjoyed my drawings and paintings, several of my pieces are showing at the “Mount St. John Art Gallery”, Main Hall.  The Gallery hours are from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm, Wednesday to Sunday.  Free Admission!  Please feel free to stop in and see what we have on display.]


…and Thanks for Visiting!

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