READING CHAIR – The Portal: 3 Wolves and Butterflies

When we awoke in the morning, everyone was still reluctant to move from our camp site.  We preferred to talk about the previous day’s experience again.  No one seemed inclined to move on with our expedition, and no one brought up the fact that eventually we had to move on to reach our destination in time because of limited supplies.  We had a spot on our way to the observatory that we were supposed to be at with limited lee way in our schedule.  The only one who was slightly concerned was Michael.  We thought he was concerned ab4out meeting the butterflies and the wolves again.  The Professor was about to discuss his pet hypothesis of “Aliens” when we noticed the butterflies.

They came out of nowhere and just started to swarm all around us again like bees, but moving off here and there in a mass cloud of lavender.  “It is almost like they are trying to say something to us,” Michael noticed.  “I think they are trying to get us to move on,” I said.  “Keep your eyes out for the wolves,” the Professor reminded us.  “They are probably watching us now.”

He was right.  I could just see them in the tree line, just on the border, not quite wanting us to see them so clearly, but evidently watching us.  They seemed almost tame, concerned, but not agitated nor wanting to dash away.  Again the butterflies just seem to vanish into thin air, and then our guesses were confirmed by the wolves’ disappearance.  “Let’s go,” the Professor said.  “I think it is time we moved on. We don’t need any more hints.  We can always talk about this experience later.”

Soon we were quickly packed and heading down the path again, this time though, we were surrounded by the giant trees.  Over the centuries, they grew enormous on this side of the mountain, and the undergrowth was still thick in places.  At one point we rounded a switchback that took the path down a steep grade.  As we came around the bend, there was an opening in the trees because of a small canyon that opened up into a very long valley that stretched

Tower of the Valley

on into the distance.  But what really caught our attention was the tower that suddenly appeared, over fifty feet tall, strategically placed and it seemed to almost act as a sentinel to the valley.  We were quite exposed to its view and there was no other way down the path that would keep us out of view.  Whoever built the tower placed it in the possibly best place, almost as a warning to anyone coming down the path who might enter the valley.  The tower had mirror like windows placed at regular intervals spiraling up to the very top.  Anyone could see out, but no one could see in.  There was no way knowing if anyone was inside the tower.  The overall feeling that the tower’s presence presented to us was definitely ominous!  If the butterflies were trying to communicate a message of “Hurry Up,”  the tower definitely communicated a message of “Keep Away,” or “Trespass At Your Own Risk!”

We continued down the switchback so that it eventually led us back into a forest, but away from the valley with the tower.  Up ahead the path narrowed to a trail that led eventually out of the forest and into a meadow with a beautiful clear lake.  We all knew where our net camp would be, and so we stopped for the day and set up camp.  The day had warmed up a bit and the final hike down the path and along the trail was almost too warm for the clothes we were wearing.  This meadow gave us the chance to bathe and catch a much needed rest.  My companions and I were still excited about the encounter with the butterflies and the wolves that we were already discussing every detail.  And much of that happened while we set up camp, but Michael’s silence also caught our attention.

“Are you OK, Michael,” I asked.  “You seem a little quiet.”  “Oh, sorry!  I was just thinking about our last encounter and the weird experience with the tower,” he said.  “It almost seemed that it was watching us pass by.”  “Yea!  I felt that way too,” Sarah responded excitedly.  “And as soon as the tower was out of sight, I almost breathed a sigh of relief.”  “Those are the things that we need to be aware of, besides making observations of everything around us,” said the Professor.  “Especially as we head further into this land.  There is no telling what we will experience or encounter.  But I do feel that much of what is in this strange land may depend more on our feelings and intuition rather than our other senses!” he said.

“Professor,”I asked, “what was that structure?”  “I don’t know.  We will have to make a serious report when we get to our next rendezvous.  As I mentioned before, that may be one of the structures that has suddenly appeared in the area that we can just barely make out.  We will have to see if they want us to investigate that or not.  Anyway, it will have to wait until after we get to the observatory.  That is my main interest.”  “Talking about being more aware of our feelings,” Michael continued, “I had a distinct feeling of dread come over me when we neared the tower.  As the tower left our sight, the feeling left just a simply as it had come upon me when we first spotted it.”  “Personally, I believe that it may be a certain kind of warning device that would broadcast such a feeling as one nears a forbidden area,” the Professor said.  “Such devices were used by the ancients, but could also be used by the aliens.”  “Well, I am going to take a swim, while you three discuss as much as you want,” Sarah said.  “OK, we’ll join you,” I offered.  “It may be dangerous out here, though.”  “You may be dangerous,” Sarah teased.

The water was cold, but not as cold as I expected.  In fact, it felt invigorating after a long days hike.  We didn’t spend much time in the water, and I was ready to head back and start supper, when I distinctly heard Sarah mention that I had a nice butt!  “What?” I asked Sarah.  “I didn’t say anything,” she said and looked away.  But I caught her staring at my butt, and I knew she clearly said something like “What a nice butt!”  “She is thinking that you have a nice butt!” Michael said.  “But I don’t think she said it out loud.”  “What are you saying?” now I was confused.  “A while back when I was quiet,” Michael ventured, “I thought that I could hear everyone thinking.  I thought maybe I was going crazy.”  “He is right,” Sarah said.  “Michael does think you have a nice butt.”  “I can handle that,” I said.  “No, it is true,” she countered.  “Not about your butt, but that we can read minds.  I mean you do have a nice butt, but listen.  Can’t you read our minds?”  It was then that it hit me!  All these thoughts were coming into my mind; Sarah’s, Michael’s, and even the Professor’s.

“Now we can talk,” the Professor said.