MUSIC ROOM – Chaminade Bicentennial Special 2018

Welcome to my Music Room Blog!

To celebrate our founder of the Society of Mary or Marianists, I am listing four songs; two with voice part or lyrics and two instrumental.  The songs were picked to emphasize gifts that Father William Joseph Chaminade saw that the Marianist Family should cultivate; Interior Is The Essential in the piece “From the Inside Out“, Mary in the piece “How Wonderful You Are“, Reflection in the piece “My King And My God“, and Joy in the piece “Free Space“.

I have given the MP3 files for the Music and the PDF files for the Song Sheets to these pieces.

The first selection called From The Inside Out is a more sensitive piece hopefully revealing the feelings of the composer, revealing the inside, or the interior – the soul.  Hopefully this piece accomplishes this.  The piece interplays between the cello and the oboe with piano accompanying.

From The Inside Out

The second selection called How Wonderful You Are is a reflection on Mary, Mother of God, during her later years on her life.  Similar to the Magnificat, but not quite.  But then, I’ll let you reflect on her words yourself.

Mary’s Song piano & voice

The third selection called My King And My God is from the Psalms with the oboe playing the voice part and Soft Pad accompanying.  The piece allows the listener to reflect on the titles of God beginning with this Psalms title, King.


The last selection called Free Space is played by the guitar and is a joyful piece.  If you don’t feel joyful at the end of this piece then you will have to keep looking elsewhere.  The fingering may be a little challenging.

Free Space

I hope you have enjoyed my selections to celebrate Chaminade Bicentennial, but don’t wait until the next 200 years, listen now!