MUSIC ROOM – October 2017


…to my MUSIC ROOM. 

Featured here are my latest music compositions from the time period mentioned above and before.

I enjoy writing for various musical instruments and their different combinations, like string ensembles, with a variety of themes from inspirational to classical.  Of course, piano is my favorite instrument, so that will be featured in many of the pieces.  Lately I have been composing for piano, cello, and tenor recorder, simply because those are the instruments in our Music Composers Group (MCG), which we are blessed with a Concert Pianist, Cellist, and Tenor/Soprano Recorder.

Enjoy my latest selection of instrumental music!

piano(Respect my copyright: (c) 2017 Michael F. Nartker, S.M.)

First Selection: I would like to present my most recent compositions beginning with the following:Mirror of Hope“.

This piece was originally called “Luna Moth,” but during practice our cellist played it in the minor key as a warmup.  It sounded different, but we all liked it.  So I decided to rewrite the composition starting in the minor then switching to the Major, minor, and then ending in the Major; sort of playing on the title, which I renamed.

For this piece I am using the oboe, English horn, and piano, written in Bb minor and then alternating with G Major, at a slow meter of 65, 2.41 minutes.  The first section in the minor is played by the cello and sounds kind of hopeless.  The second section breaks in with the hopeful sound of the Major played by the oboe with the cello joining in harmony.  In the third section both oboe and cello slip back into the minor, but the last short section of the piece the cello closes in the Major!


Second Selection: was written for our celebration of our Founder of the Society of Mary title “I Am A Brook” who always referred to himself as a Brook, in the sense that nothing could stop him, neither difficulties nor trials.  For the voice part I am using the oboe, my instrument of choice, and the Steel String Guitar for the piano part.  It is interesting that this “finale” app not only allows the switch but sounds quite good.

The piece is written in F Major and Moderately at 70 meters, 2.55 minutes.  The refrain is really in two parts which is played in full at the beginning.  After the first verse the first part of the refrain is played, and after the second verse the second part of the refrain is played, and after the third verse the full refrain is played for the final time.


Third Selection: was written to the words of a prayer by Saint Thomas More called “For A Holy Heart” which I named “Holy Heart“.

The simple piece is written in G Major at a meter of 80 and using the Trumpet for the voice part with Piano and Warm Pad.  This instrument, the Warm Pad, gives me the sound closest to what I want.


Last Selection: is called “God Be In My Heart“.  The words were taken from a prayer book with the title “Sarum Primer,” which sounds a little Irish.

The piece was written in C Major using Oboe, English Horn, Tuba and Piano.  Even though the piece was written at Adagio or 70 meters, it does move along.  The song begins a little slow in the first part, the piano moves it along in the second part with its triplets.


I hope you have enjoyed my compositions.  Feel free to listen to past composition using the index at the opening page of this blog!