MUSIC ROOM – July 2017


…to my MUSIC ROOM.  Featured here are my latest music compositions from the time period mentioned above.

I enjoy writing for various musical instruments and their different combinations, like string ensembles, with a variety of themes from inspirational to classical.  Of course, piano is my favorite instrument, so that will be featured in many of the pieces.  Lately I have been composing for piano, cello, and tenor recorder, simply because those are the instrument in our Music Composers Group (MCG).

Enjoy my latest selection of instrumental music!

pianoRemember the copyright: (c) 2016 Michael F. Nartker, SM.

The First Piece is called  “Remembering” and is written for Piano and Soft Pad.  In this piece is more of an Easy Listening genre, so I have added the Soft Pad to give it more of that dreamy sound with the piano.  I find that the piano helps to define the notes more clearly, or they may get lost in the Soft Pad sound.  The first part of the piece sets the mood, but the second part has the lovely melody.  In the third part the first half of the beginning of the piece is repeated for the ending.


The second selection is called “Ever So Lightly”.  The melody is a good old foot tapping piece written for Piano, Oboe, and English Horn.  There is short interlude after the first part that leads into a solo between the Oboe and the English Horn.  The beginning part is repeated for the ending.  The cello was replaced by the Oboe and the tenor recorder by the English Horn.


The third piece is called “Breakthrough“.  This piece combines the   Piano and the Soft Pad again but in a more fanfare genre.  This is a good piece to play while driving since it will keep you to a steady speed.  No racing here.


The last selection is called “Hear Me“.  It is written for piano, cello, and tenor recorder, but I have substituted the Oboe for the tenor recorder and the English Horn for the cello.  It is a nice melody that intertwines the cello and tenor recorder together with the piano entering and exiting throughout the piece, as though leaving the other two instruments to dance alone.

Thank You for listening to my music.  I hope you have enjoyed it, and please return for more.