MUSIC ROOM – May 2017


…to my Music Room.  Featured here are my latest music compositions from the time period mentioned above.

I enjoy writing songs with lyrics taken from the psalms, popular poems, and my own  compositions. The many themes included, among others, are inspirational and easy listening melodies.

I also enjoy writing for various musical instruments and their different combinations, like string ensembles, with a variety of themes from inspirational to classical.  Of course, piano is my favorite instrument, so that will be featured in many of the pieces.

Enjoy my latest selection of instrumental music!

piano(Remember, these songs are copyrighted (c) 2016 Michael F. Nartker, SM.)

The First Piece is called “Hear Me” and written for piano, cello, and tenor recorder.  However, I have used the tuba for the cello and the oboe for the tenor recorder for a interesting sound.  The original piece was written as a duet between tenor recorder and cello, which sounds quite nice with these two excellent instruments, and with the piano added later.

The piece is written in 4/4 meter, Adagio (70 meter), in the key of C Major and opening with the main theme of six measures and repeated three times before moving into the second theme of ten measures, then closes with a coda.  You will have to listen to the piece to see why the first theme is repeated.


The Second Selection is called “Clod Hopp’n” and written for piano, cello, and tenor recorder, but the cello is replaced by the tuba and the oboe replaces the tenor recorder.  The pace is much faster, 120 meter to make a lively piece to even dance by.  It is a fun piece to play and hear.  You will not be able to keep your foot still.  The piece is written in 4/4 meter and in the key of G Major.


The Third Selection is called “Luna Moth“.  The original piece was written with lyrics and called “Moon Moth”.  This piece is written in E minor and in 3/4 meter, Adagio (75 meter) for piano, tenor recorder, and cello.  As you will see by now, all the selections have the same substitutions for the cello and the tenor recorder.  The main reason for the substitution is that the pieces sound much better rather than with the original instruments due to the poor sound or imitation of the instruments.

This slow moving waltz, seems almost mournful at the beginning, but towards the end one learns from the lyrics that it ends in joy.


The Final Selection is called “Wherever You Go“.   This piece was originally written with beautiful lyrics from the book of Ruth 1:16-18, and both this and the other piece can be found in previous posts on this blog.

The piece is written in Adagio (70 meter), 4/4 meter, in the key of Eb Major, and written for Warm Pad, cello, and tenor recorder.  The same substitutions are for the cello and the tenor recorder.


I hope you enjoyed these pieces.

Thanks you for your listening time!