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ART GALLERY – December 2017

Welcome to my Art Gallery!

Presented this week are my latest paintings and drawings.

These series are mainly flowers draw on large 17×23 watercolor paper, two other selections of buildings.

The first selection is Violet Iris drawn in watercolor.  There is a light rose wash under layer to the whole flower and allowed to dry before the blue and violet was added to bring out the depth.

Violet Iris 17×23

The second selection is a Yellow and Purple Iris, colored using pastel pencils.  A light grey and blue background helps bring out the colors, especially the yellow.  The flower was outlined in places with black ink . I purposely aligned the flash of the camera on the lower tongue of the pedal.

Yellow/Purple Iris 17×23

The third choice is a Deep Pink Hibiscus in watercolor.  A grayish brick-like background blends in nicely with the colors, not interfering withe pink.

Pink Hibiscus 17×23

The fourth piece is called a Trillium, found in the wild woods of Ohio in the early spring time.  Painted in watercolor the background is a blue used in the leaves.

Trillium 17×23

The fifth selection is initially drawn with pencil, but the flowers of the purple cone and black eyed Suzanne’s are colored in watercolor.  I have been using this technique of what seems like an incomplete painting in several of my pictures with overwhelming positive responses from the general public at my last showing at Gallery St John in Dayton, Ohio.

Wild Flowers 17×23

The sixth piece is called a Yellow Columbine in watercolor.  I added the brown background which is more similar to the yellow.  A light violet would be more the complementary, a mix of blue and red.  The brown works, but doesn’t bring our the yellow as much as the violet would, and almost mutes the flower.

Yellow Columbine 17×23

The second to last selection is a Japanese Pagoda in a fall scene.  The painting was done in watercolor using blue to paint in the negative space between the red, yellow, and orange leaves of autumn causing them to almost jump our of the picture.  Contrast this to the Yellow Columbine in the previous selection!

Pagoda 10×15

And the last piece is called The O’Connor’s Cabins in black ink and pastel pencils.  As in the previous selection with the Wild Flowers, only the houses have been colored in.  (The grey shadows on the white paper is the photographic interference from the lighting and not the drawing.)

O’Connor’s Cabins 13×17

Thank You for your time in viewing my drawings.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing them as much as I have drawing them!