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MUSIC ROOM – November 2017


…to my MUSIC ROOM. 

Featured here are my latest music compositions from the last time period posted.

I enjoy writing for various musical instruments and their different combinations, like string ensembles, with a variety of themes from inspirational to classical.  Of course, piano is my favorite instrument, so that will be featured in many of the pieces.  Lately I have been composing for piano, cello, and tenor recorder, simply because those are the instruments in our Music Composers Group (MCG), consisting of a Concert Pianist, a Cellist, and a Tenor/Soprano Recorder.

Here are my latest selections of music!

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My First Selection is called “From The Inside Out” written for piano, cello, and oboe.  The oboe is filling in for the Tenor Recorder.  The piece would be perfect for a violin on the Tenor Recorder part, matching up with the cello part.  The piece is Easy Listening, smooth with beautiful melody and harmony lines.  The composition changes to another key without hardly a notice.  You probably want to have a sip of wine first before listening to this piece!

From The Inside Out

The Second Selection is called “Morning Prayer” from Africa.  Sorry I don’t have anyone yet singing the words, since they are not only beautiful but the melody is intimately linked to the words.  The trumpet plays the voice part quite nicely with the piano accompanyingI have used dotted accents to emphasize certain words as you can hear from the trumpet.  I found this prayer in an old prayer book used by our former New York Province.  Here is the first refrain: “You have let me pass the night in peace, O God.  Let me pass the day in peace.”

“Morning Prayer” from Africa


My Third Choice is called “Holy Heart” from the words of St. Thomas More,  a martyr against the cause of the arrogant King Henry VIII to obtain a divorce.  “Lord, grant me a holy heart.”  The prayer is from the same above prayer book.   I have used the trumpet, a great substitute instrument for the voice part.  The piano is playing the accompaniment with the trombone coming on the second part.  The trumpet takes over again in the third and last section.  The trombone give the brass part a nice contrast to the trumpet.

“Holy Heart”


The Last Selection was originally called “God Be In My Head” which I changed to “sarum primer“, using all small case letters.  The words are from the same prayer book as the above songs.  I am not sure what the Sarum Primer is, possibly from Ireland(?)  The violin is playing the voice part with the cello and piano.  (God be in my head and in my understanding. God be in my eyes and in my looking.  God be in my mouth and in my speaking. God be in my heart and in my thinking.  God be at my end and my departing.)  The above prayer is made up of five two line stanzas.  The middle two, “…in my mouth…in my heart,” are in the middle section of the piece that has a faster pace and is repeated.  The fifth stanza ends the piece.

Thank you for listening!

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